Journey One | January, 2019

When we were deciding which products to launch for Saganom, there was no doubt in our minds that the chocolate truffles from the Manuel family should be our first. The taste of these chocolates reminded us of warm celebrations and family gatherings from our childhoods. For all special occasions, there was a delectable supply of these special chocolates and it was often the very same truffles that we carry at Saganom.

Saganom chocolate is made by the Manuel family, who started their “confiserie” business in 1845. Their shop is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, our home town. Today, the 6th generation of the family is running the shop. Truffles are not their only product, but they are the ones that we love the most. It is chocolate in its purest form and is best savored in two bites instead of one!

We’ve both been away from our country and families for many years and we have struggled to find chocolate truffles that match the quality of the Manuel family’s products. You should have seen us when we first had the product shipped from the Manuel Laboratoires to us in Chicago—we felt like children tasting chocolate for the first time! When we opened the box, the delicious, decadent smell of the chocolate immediately flooded us with fond childhood memories. That first bite sealed the deal; this was it: these chocolate truffles were going to be the first Saganom product.

Before launching Saganom online, we’ve been sharing these chocolates with our friends and loved ones for quite some time. We have been overwhelmed by all of the positive reactions and feedback. We hope you will enjoy them as much as our friends and us do!

We could write to you forever about our journeys and experiences and we will… but in the meantime, try our Saganom chocolates, share them with your loved ones and create stories and memories of your own.

We are Annick and Alex and we created Saganom to inspire you to get closer to what you love and miss.